“Give the morning a chance to bring me expression of your unfailing affection, for I have put my trust in you. Demonstrate to me the way I ought to go, for to you I endow my life.” Psalm 143:8

The Couple of the Month for September 2017 is Macky and Yeng. Yeng is an English educator in Thailand while Macky is a therapeutic specialist in Singapore. The place where they grew up is Bacolod City, Philippines and they both are Christian. Their romantic tale began with a content in 2007.

“We’ve been as one for a long time as of now and we adulate the Lord with that,” Yeng says as she recounted how their romantic tale began. They met through her close relative, her dad’s sister, who likewise happened to be Macky’s cohort. She inquired as to whether she needs a textmate and Yeng concurred.

Macky said that everything began with a content. Some individual all of a sudden, named Maryelle, messaged him and inquired as to whether he can be her textmate. He concurred and it began there.

They both concede that they were not predictable when they initially began messaging. In some cases, they just get to content each other 3 or 4 times each week and after that they would message again following three months. They even didn’t expect it that it will bloom into a relationship.

Since they haven’t met each other eye to eye for a year, Macky requested that Yeng’s auntie connect them on a daring meet up.

To begin the daring meet up, Yeng’s auntie informed her to go with her since she needs to purchase something at the shopping center. Little did Yeng realize that she was meeting Macky on that day. She had no clue. While Yeng was perusing a book at National Bookstore, some individual who is likewise perusing a book remained adjacent to her. Yeng imagined that he smells better than average and it made her take a gander at him and she was shocked to see Macky. She didn’t realize what to feel that time since she was worried on how can she look. She was not set up for their meetup.

Macky conceded that he was extremely frightened that day since he isn’t utilized as a part of getting together with individuals. It is really an interesting thing that on their initially get together, Yeng slapped her with a book. At that point, Macky began to present himself.

Prior to their wedding, Yeng had a message for Macky: “I simply trust when we got hitched, you keep on being that man who knows how to stand. Keep on being adoring and simply keep on being a companion since that is the thing that I adore about our relationship. Since you’re extremely easygoing. We can discuss each other anything under the sun. Keep on seeking the ruler motivation I accept if the man looks for the Lord to start with, everything else will take after”

Macky additionally has a message for Yeng: “What I ask or seek after us despite the fact that we got hitched and move toward becoming a couple is that still act naturally. Be the glad bright Yeng that I know and love. Furthermore, dependably be dreadful and look for the Lord dependably. I trust you figure out how to cook”

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